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Taking an informed decision while buying a product helps you choose the best product, isn’t it? Which is why it is important to gather complete information and ideas about the item you are going to buy. A Servo Voltage Stabilizer is an advanced and feasible machine to govern a motorized variable transformer, stabilize the voltage, safeguard electrical equipment and save energy. It is manufactured by using sophisticated electronic controlled servo motor concept.
Some of the key components of the stabilizer are buck/boost transformer, auto transformer, motor, motor driver, control circuitry power supply and much more. Major key specifications of Servo Voltage Stabilizer are:

IMI/RMI Filter Size Weight Working Principle Sound Output waveform Distortion Overload cut-off
Optional at extra cost Compact Heavy weight Servo Motor Controlled High sound over age Distortion Optional

This stabilizer is highly effective in large three phase applications, because it has capability to maintain its exactness in all the three phases, despite of input voltages balance and load balance at any power factor.

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Why we need Servo Voltage Stabilizer?

In every organization and factory, fluctuation in AC supply is common. And the need of voltage for every different electrical appliance varies to a great extent. When we talk about electronics equipment such as PH-Meter, spectrophotometers, X-Ray plant, all these items are affected by high main voltage. While there are some appliances like deep freezers, refrigerators, incubators and other compressors are supposed to be affected by low main voltage. To talk about the industries that run 24x7 operations are also affected by the voltage fluctuation. To keep the voltage constant and resolve the fluctuation issue, voltage servo stabilizer is used. If you are looking for a trusted servo voltage manufacturer, Servokon is the right place. It manufactures and supplies reliable, quality and standard products. When you choose us to buy the stabilizer, keep in mind the following points to meet your needs:
Output voltage range   Input voltage range   • KVA rating   • Type of load and voltage   • Type of protection required
At Servokon Transformer, you can get high-quality and guaranteed servo voltage stabilizer at affordable costs. We manufacture the product using high-grade materials and sophisticated technologies. The quality of the products is cross-checked at every stage by our experts during the manufacturing process in our state of the art infrastructure. Due to our reliable and guaranteed products, we rank among top servo voltage stabilizer manufacturers in India.

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Industrial voltage stabilizers manufactured by Servokon are utilized for providing continuous input and output voltage to overcome the problem of voltage fluctuation. These servo stabilizers are manufactured mainly to meet the requirements of industries and

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