Digital Voltage Stabilizers for Air Conditioners

ISO 9001: 2008 certification

Digital Voltage Stabilizers for Air Conditioners

Air conditioners are used in most of the houses and in almost every office today. To run this electric appliance, a constant and consistent power is required. On the other hand, voltage fluctuation is a common problem that may harm the air-conditioner. Servokon provides a reliable solution of voltage fluctuation by offering high quality digital voltage stabilizers, AC Voltage Stabilizers to be attached with your air-conditioner and other allied electronic devices.

We have a team of experienced professionals to design and manufacture high quality digital voltage stabilizer for AC on the basis of micro processor control basis. These have been specially designed to support air-conditioners. We understand the fact that every customer has specific requirement; that is why we offer this stabilizer in different models. Apart from this, we never compromise with the quality and that makes us preferred choice of the customers in national and international both the markets.

Technical Specification

INPUT VOLTAGE RANGE 160-260V/ 140-280 V/ 90-270 V/
0.75 Ton or 1.5 Ton A.C. 4 Kva Stabilizer
2 Ton A.C. 5 Kva Stabilizer
2.5 or 3 Ton A.C. 7.5 Kva Stabilizer


  • Highly performance
  • Offers complete protection for your Air Conditioners
  • Integrated with high quality transformers
  • Evolves less heat
  • Equipped with latest micro processor controller, High & low voltage cutoff and Time delay system
  • Absorb larger impacts of voltage changes


These digital voltage stabilizers are specially designed for supplying continuous power supply to air conditioners without any fluctuation in voltage.