Distribution Transformer Manufacturers

ISO 9001: 2008 certification

Distribution Transformer Manufacturers

Servokon is a leading name when it comes to find the most reliable and trusted Distribution Transformer Manufacturers in India. Our distribution transformers are widely used for the purpose of converting and distributing electrical energy with high to low voltage. In general, high voltages range from 11-22-33 KV and low voltage range from 250 to 433 V. The frequency of both high and low voltage remains the same before and after the transformer of the electric current.

Why Servokon ?

Servokon is one of the fastest growing in power transformer manufacturers, Distribution Transformer Manufacturers in Delhi India, approved by renowned and reputable National Inspecting Agencies such as Engineers India Limited (EIL), Department of Industries, Haryana, RITES, CIL, CPWD, SGS, NIT and many other bodies. It is backed by the state of the art manufacturing unit and action-centric team, which is engaged in manufacturing and supplying high quality power distribution transformer at an ultra-cost level. Our engineers maintain the high level of quality while manufacturing the products.

Due to the effective and quality product, Servokon has earned an immense pleasure from its clients across the world. Our experts conduct several tests for quality assurance of the product before delivering to clients which is why the distribution and power transformer are in demanded in power supply authorities, suburban areas and other allied industries.

We perform the following tests :

  • Ratio test
  • Dielectric test
  • Short circuit test
  • Impedance voltage test
  • Insulation resistance test
  • No load losses measurement
  • Resistance measures of winding
  • Leakage test of transformer tank
  • Polarity & phase relationship test

Features of Servokon’s Power Distribution Transformers

  • Optimum efficiency
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Low temperature rise
  • Electrolyte Grade 99.9% pure copper
  • Rigorous quality measures & testing standards
  • Transposition in L.V. coil for current sharing in parallel conductors
  • Proportioning of core and winding losses using CRGO M3 to MS MOH lamination

Technical specifications of Servokon Power Transformers

Ratings Upto 5000 KVA
Applicable Standards IS, IEC, BS etc.
Cooling ONAN, ONAF
Insulating Fluid Mineral Oil to specification
Frequency 50 Hz, 60 Hz
Polarity As specified
Primary voltage 11Kv/ 22 Kv/ 33 kV
Secondary Voltage 433 v (As required)
Winding material Copper
Taping On Load Tap Changer to provide +5% to -15% Taps in steps of 1.25% on the H.T. Side. Else, Off Circuit Tap Changer for ± 5% Taps on H.T. Side in steps of 2.5% each.
Impedance In line with applicable standards
Insulation Class 'A' (as required)
Vector Group DYN 11

Features of Power Distribution Transformers

  • Rigorous quality measures & testing standards
  • Optimum efficiency
  • Proportioning of core and winding losses using CRGO M3 to MS MOH lamination
  • Transposition in L.V. coil for current sharing in parallel conductors
  • Electrolyte Grade 99.9% pure copper
  • TrLow temperature rise
  • TLow maintenance cost


The Distribution Transformer Manufacturers designed by Servokon carry a significant importance.

Their prime use for converting high voltage current in to low voltage current with no change in frequency makes it a must for several applications.

Our transformers are majorly suitable for: Suburban areas, Industries, Power supply authorities and Power Grids.