Domestic Automatic Voltage Stabilizers

ISO 9001: 2008 certification

Domestic Automatic Voltage Stabilizers

The automatic voltage stabilizers increase the life and improve the performance of electrical appliances. These stabilizers protect the electronics against fluctuating power supply. These systems provide consistent power supply with accuracy of +/-9%. These stabilizers are automatic in their operation and produce a stabilized power supply then and there when it detects a fluctuation. In these automatic voltage stabilizers, there are automatic voltage stabilizers to show output. In addition to all this, we have also developed a Two Phase Stabilizer for rural voltage requirements.

Key features of both home UPS and Inverter are :

INPUT VOLTAGE RANGE (can be customized) 160-260V / 140-280V/ 90-270 V
0.24 KVA 1.0 Amps TVs, VCRs, Music System
0.5 KVA 2.0 Amps Refrigerators upto 300 Litres, Water Coolers, Deep Freezers with 1/8 HP Compressor
1.0 KVA 4.0 Amps Water Coolers, Bottle Coolers, Deep Freezers incorporating upto 5/8 HP Compressor, Refrigerators above 300 Ltrs Capacity, BOD incubators, other refrigeration & airconditioning appliances incorporating upto 5/8 HP Compressor.
3.0 KVA 12.0 Amps Water Coolers, Refrigeration and air conditioning appliances incorporating upto 1.5 HP Compressor
4.0 KVA 16.0 Amps Refrigeration and Air conditioning appliances incorporating upto 2.5 HP compressor
5.0 KVA 20.0 Amps Domestic Purpose (Main Line), Air conditioning appliances incorporating 3-5 HP Compressor
7.5 KVA 30.0 Amps For Domestic Purpose Main Line (1 A.c & lighting load)
10.0 KVA 40.0 Amp


  • Integrated with automatic voltage stabilizers
  • Consistent power supply with accuracy of +/-9%
  • Available with AM-meter
  • Options available as Automatic Voltage Stabilizers with or without switch
  • Time delay relay modes
  • Models available with MCB for over load protection
  • Low & high voltage trip for Refrigerator, Air Conditioner, T.V., Deep Freezer and Stereo System


These automatic voltage stabilizers are used for domestic purpose :

  • Refrigerator
  • Deep freezer
  • Bottle and water coolers
  • BOD incubators
  • Air conditioning appliances