UPS Systems

ISO 9001: 2008 certification

UPS Systems

Servokon is the most trusted manufacturer and supplier of different types of UPS systems. We are backed with a team of innovative professionals who work with the most advanced technology to manufacture high quality UPS systems that provide uninterrupted power supply. Electronic devices like computer requires continuous and consistent power supply because even a minor fluctuation can affect sensitive equipments in the computer and may also result in loss of important data.

Servokon provides different types of UPS to meet specific requirements of the clients and depending upon the device for which it will be used. Apart from maintaining consistent power supply, the UPS also protects the device from electric spikes, surges and fluctuation that is caused due to sudden increase and decrease in the voltage.


  • Its charging don’t consumes less power
  • Environment-friendly
  • Provides uninterrupted power supply
  • Complete protection to electronic devices like computer